An evolutionary approach to compliance

Digital Twin Technology makes the magic happen

At the core of the SunStone Secure Compliance Service is the Digital Twin Compliance Platform. IT and DevOps best practices have been encoded in a compliance knowledge graph, and AI-driven workflows ensure the right information is gathered at the right time with minimal impact on your team. The SunStone Secure Digital Twin Compliance Platform orchestrates the complex processes required for FedRAMP ATO by capturing compliance telemetry and aligning DevSecOps execution to policy goals. Tailored results are presented to internal teams, executive leadership, directors, customers, and external auditors quickly and reliably with zero staff time.

Scan to create Digital Twin

  • 100+ connectors to typical online services
  • All major cloud platforms – AWS, Microsoft, Google
  • Automated Mapping of System Inventory and Vulnerabilities
  • Advanced AI models for discovering potential issues


  • Automated NIST 800-53 Control Mapping
  • Connect Policies and Procedures to Risk Management
  • Remediate Gaps and POA&M management

Monitor and Report

  • Automatic SSP Generation – including all attachments and continuous monitoring artifacts
  • Automated Monthly ConMon Reports and Agency Presentations
  • Updates to Control Implementation Responsibilities

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SunStone Secure can accelerate your path to FedRAMP ATO in 10% of the time for 10% of the cost and using only 10% of your usual resources compared to other approaches. Reach out to learn how.

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