Next Generation

In the early days of FedRAMP, compliance was conducted manually by teams of engineers – which took a really long time and cost millions. Read below to learn how things have changed since then and how SunStone Secure represents the latest evolutionary development of compliance.


Compliance done smartly

There are multiple options for Cloud Service Providers considering FedRAMP. Whether it’s going old school with a cumbersome, expensive consulting project, or trying to leverage template-based platforms, CISOs recognize that there must be a simpler, more elegant approach to compliance – SunStone Secure’s Compliance as a Service.

Old School - Manual

  • 1+ years to audit ready
  • $1,000,000+ cost
  • Handwritten docs
  • 3 FTE needed
  • On-prem target

Templated Platforms

  • 3 months to audit ready
  • $500,000+ cost
  • Handwritten docs
  • 3 FTE needed
  • Lift & Shift target

SunStone Secure

  • 30 days to audit ready
  • <$50,000 cost
  • OSCAL docs
  • 1/3 FTE
  • Cloud native target


Compliance Evolved

SunStone Secure’s FedRAMP Compliance as a Service represents the next generation of FedRAMP Compliance Platforms. By leveraging SunStone’s Digital Twin Technology, the team at SunStone is able to get CSPs to ATO using existing cloud technologies faster than earlier legacy service providers as well as templated platforms that can significantly restrict a CSP’s capabilities.

Expert Guidance

Every SunStone client is assigned a CISO.  Together with the larger SunStone support team, we support you through any internal or external compliance activity, respond to interviews or requests for evidence, and assist your teams with security and compliance planning.

Incidence Response Coordination

It’s what keeps CEOs and CIOs awake at night. The call that will come during a big customer presentation or on vacation that your business has been hacked.  

SunStone’s platform and dedicated Incident Response Team has your back.  We coordinate all response activities and manage resources and communication so that your team can focus on communicating internally and delivering a technical fix to the problem.

Let’s talk

SunStone Secure can accelerate your path to FedRAMP ATO in 10% of the time for 10% of the cost and using only 10% of your usual resources compared to other approaches. Reach out to learn how.

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