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SunStone Secure’s next gen Compliance-as-a-Service replaces cumbersome, legacy consulting engagements with a real-time, agile service that takes 10% of the time for 10% of the cost to achieve and maintain compliance using 10% of your usual internal resources when compared to other approaches.

Why SunStone Secure?

AI-powered Automation

SunStone’s Digital Twin Platform automates and accelerates the ingestion of compliance data. It then identifies gaps and makes recommendations for remediation based on industry best practices.

Full Ownership of your Stack

Why add massive cost by hiring a team of consultants or re-platforming to a someone else’s templated instance? Maintain control and leverage the tools provided by the cloud platforms and get to FedRAMP ATO faster and for less.

World-class Kubernetes Expertise

SunStone is a leading voice in the Kubernetes world driving thought leadership focused on compliance and automation via leading edge technologies like OSCAL.

Our Technology

Digital Twin Compliance Platform

Only SunStone Secure leverages Digital Twin Technology to rapidly scan your current environment, identify issues, and automatically generate all SSP and Continuous Monitoring artifacts leveraging the latest industry best practices. Once in operation, the SunStone Secure Digital Twin Compliance Platform makes maintaining compliance as effortless as possible with the auto generation of regular ConMon and Agency reports.

Next Gen Automation

& Expert Support

Learn how SunStone Secure can accelerate your FedRAMP ATO journey using the Digital Twin Compliance Platform: pre- and post-ATO

Our Approach

Compliance Evolved

The stringent requirements of FedRAMP and other standards require an experienced team with a state of the art platform to achieve & maintain compliance while scaling to commercial volumes. Representing the latest generation of compliance technology, SunStone Secure’s Team leverages its Digital Twin Compliance Platform – purposely built to operate at cloud speed – to get customers to FedRAMP ATO faster than ever before. 

Old School

In the early days of FedRAMP, teams of engineers would conduct annual audits and write up individual reports with a word processor. Projects like this take over a year, require 3+ FTE, and cost millions in this legacy model.

Templated Platforms

As a means to increase efficiency and speed, templated platforms provide a pre-configured, cookie-cutter environment to speed development and certification of their customers’ offerings. While a bit faster and seemingly a bit cheaper on the surface compared to old school approaches, templated platforms severely limit a CSP’s control over its environment and have significant supplemental costs.

Our Services

FedRAMP For All

SunStone Secure can accelerate your progress no matter where you are in your FedRAMP journey. From achieving and maintaining compliance to jumping into the trenches with your team to lead the response to potential IT security incidents, SunStone offers services to keep you covered.

FedRAMP Investigation

For CSOs performing due diligence of FedRAMP market

Scan and assess your current offering

Receive regular remediation guidance supported by SunStone Secure’s Digital Twin Compliance Platform


For CSOs committed to FedRAMP (most of our customers)

Automation and expert support, including representation during agency and PMO meetings, throughout your FedRAMP journey: pre- and post-ATO

SunStone automates all SSP and Continuous Monitoring artifacts and provides ongoing maintenance

Automated Monthly ConMon including Continuous Monitoring Reports and Agency Presentations, Updates to Control Implementation Responsibilities

Let’s talk

SunStone Secure can accelerate your path to FedRAMP ATO in 10% of the time for 10% of the cost and using only 10% of your usual resources compared to other approaches. Reach out to learn how.

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