SunStone Secure And FedRAMP

While the journey to FedRAMP authorization may be challenging, the rewards in terms of revenue, credibility, and market presence make it an investment worth pursuing. Learn how SunStone Secure can accelerate your FedRAMP process.

The FedRAMP Process Simplified

SunStone Secure Gets You To ATO ASAP

No matter where you are in the FedRAMP process, SunStone Secure can get you to ATO faster and for significantly less. See below on how SunStone accelerates each phase of the FedRAMP process.

Readiness & Document Prep

SunStone scans the CSP’s environment on demand, provides remediation advice to get the system to compliance, and then generates the SSP and CMP in real time and in OSCAL – the preferred format of the PMO.

Assessment, Remediation & Package Submission

SunStone’s Advisory Team represents the CSP in all meetings with the 3PAO while it conducts the audit, allowing the CSP’s technical resources to focus on other initiatives.

Continuous Monitoring

SunStone Secure’s Advisory Team drives and manages all ongoing ConMon meetings while utilizing automation via the Digital Twin Compliance Platform to provide best-in-class services to CSP customers.

Getting Started

Readiness and Document Preparation

SunStone’s Digital Twin Compliance platform conducts assessment:

  • Automated NIST 800-53 Control Mapping
  • Connects Policies and Procedures to Risk Management
  • Remediates Gaps, Validates Compliance of Third Party Services and ISAs
  • Automated Mapping of System Inventory and Vulnerability POA&Ms
  • Auto-generated System Security Plan (SSP) and all attachments, Security Assessment Plan (SAP), Continuous Monitoring Plan (CMP)

Getting to ATO

Assessment, Remediation & Submission

The CSP leverages the SunStone Secure Advisory team using the Digital Twin Compliance platform:

  • Automated NIST 800-53 Security Assessment Framework compliance
  • SunStone provides CSP support for Security Assessment Plan (SAP), Security Assessment Report (SAR), Risk Exposure Table and POA&M
  • SunStone Secure’s Advisory Team provides approved, best practices approaches to any identified vulnerabilities including crypto and Kubernetes

Growing your FedRAMP business

Continuous Monitoring

We support you through any internal or external compliance activity, as well as respond to agency/PMO questionnaires/requests, and assist your teams with security and compliance planning. 

Automated Monthly ConMon including:

  • Automated SSP generation – including all attachments and continuous monitoring artifacts
  • Automated Monthly ConMon Reports and Agency Presentations
  • Updates to Control Implementation Responsibilities

Let’s talk

SunStone Secure can accelerate your path to FedRAMP ATO in 10% of the time for 10% of the cost and using only 10% of your usual resources compared to other approaches. Reach out to learn how.

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